Maramist - pr. n., n.

  1. An ancient Estraitian word meaning:
    • order, balance.
    • an eternal peace.
    • never-ending.
    • utopia, oasis.
    • an island to the east of Gairan and the Goddenia Islands that disappeared in the Great War 1,000 years ago.


This is the wiki page for all things related to the Maramist book series. From the characters to the places and even the creatures. You can find it all here.

It will take awhile for all of the information to get on here because this is a NEW WIKI. So please bear with me as I try and get everything organized and put up. Some of the information I'm having to freshly create, so it's an amazing opportunity for me as the author to learn more about characters that have been a part of my life for nearly 10 years.

Special Shout-Outs

I have to put this here because they've been such a huge part of my series whether or not they know it.

Jade Choung (aka Mzzy or Mzzazn) is the one responsible for drawing so many of my human characters and bringing some of them to life in a way I never could. She is also the one who designed the picture used as not only the cover of my first book, but the background of this wiki. From her worldwide travels to her amazing artwork, Jade has changed the lives of so many. I cannot thank her enough for everything.

Jade around the web: Jade on the Go ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ deviantART ~ YouTube ~ Patreon


Melissa Sosso (aka Mel or Miss-Melis) is the one responsible for drawing my animals and creatures. I'm in no way talented at wildcats, dogs, giant bears in armor...but she is. I found her one day through another artist I followed and fell in love with her work immediately. Back then she was known as Disneygurl and her Disney style captured my heart. I cannot thank her enough for all that she's put up with me and my crazy ideas. Mel is one of my good friends and I have her to thank for my artist picture and the stuffie of one of my wildcats, Beast, located on the artist page of my book.

Melissa around the web: MissMelis Art (redirects to devART atm) ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ deviantART ~ Tumblr

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